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Septic Tank Emptying &
Annual Servicing Plans 

Save up to £130 on your septic tank empty and service with our cost effective annual service plans



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Septic Tank & Treatment Plant Cover

At Homeowner Cover your drainage is our priority.

Your home is one of the most important things in life - but it can be expensive to keep up with all those essential house maintenance jobs such as septic tank emptying. It can be a pain when your drains become blocked which is why we have included an annual service in our plans to help keep your system in great shape and avoid expensive bills.

Our drainage engineers are all safe contractor approved and fully insured. We use our own engineers from our sister companies Pro Blocked Drains and Pro Drainage Group. We have different packages tailored to different sized houses. Please take a look at what we offer or call us on 01202 927 399 to see how we can help.

With over 20 years under our belt, and specialists in 24-hour emergency drainage, we can assure you of excellent customer service and quality. 

We've got your septic tank and sewage treatment plant covered

We know how to take care of your septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, our package ensures you have everything you need and are only an arm's length away. 

What's included?

✔️ Empty tank

✔️Wash down any manholes leading up to the tank and pipework going into the tank to avoid any blockages


✔️Visually Inspect all manhole covers and surrounds to make sure they are in good condition and aren’t split


✔️ Full visual inspection of the tank to check there are no parts missing or water ingress.


✔️ You'll get a comprehensive report on your tank's condition as well as video footage and pictures. 

Why have a service?


✔️Keep your septic tank running smoothly.


✔️Avoid expensive bills like unblocking rates.


✔️Your septic system will be in great shape.


✔️Get peace of mind that your septic is working properly, and you won't have to worry about it for another year.


✔️Save money with a yearly plan (5% saving)


✔️Spread the number of gallons you would like removed across multiple empties


✔️Get your septic tank or sewage treatment plant emptied regularly.


✔️Have peace of mind that your price is fixed for 3 years.


✔️Move without having to worry about your septic tank or sewage treatment plant.

What isn't included?

❌If your tank needs desludging our jetting rates additional charges would apply

❌Any works required after the first hour on-site (we can complete the works but this will be chargeable as the emergency call-out now becomes a job) 

❌If your septic tank is over a certain size and requires an engineer to wear a harness, a second man would be required, this would be at an additional second man charge. 

❌If the job extends into non work emergency hours. 


for 3 years

No Call Out



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Why Choose Homeowner Cover Septic Tank Protection?

We offer the best value on the market with our leading septic tank and sewage treatment plant protection. 

What our customers are saying:

Excellent customer satisfaction

Best value

You'll be saving money with Homeowner Cover. You could save you up to 70% by signing up to our service plan.

Fixed price for 3 years

Your property is our priority. Our promise to you is that we will fix the price for up to 3 years, no matter how many callouts you have!

Comprehensive report on your system's condition 

Visual and written description of the condition of your system, giving you peace of mind it is running smoothly and helping to prevent expensive bills such as blockages

Over 20 + years of property maintenance experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the property maintenance industry; drainage, plumbing, gas boilers and electrics. Our highly qualified engineers are ready to assist with any issue you may face.

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