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Plan Exclusions

We’ve Got You Covered for lifes small suprises from as little as 23p per day. 

What's not included in our home, landlord and commercial cover?

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible from the start. We pride ourselves on being the most honest and transparent home emergency cover provider in the UK. There are some limitations to what we can and cannot help with when it comes to your home emergency cover plan.

We want you to understand exactly where these terms come into play before making a decision so that both parties are on the same page from the start. 

We believe if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. This is why we only promise to deliver on anything we can guarantee.

We are continuously aiming to improve the industry through an honest and transparent approach which leads us back again as your reliable provider of last resort when things go wrong with any major drainage, plumbing, gas boilers, heating or electrical works.

Here is a list of the main points we can't help with: 

For more information please download our service and support agreement here. 

❌ Repairing faults caused by limescale, sludge (dirty water contaminated by particles of dirt, rust other debris). 

❌ Repairing faults that require more than 1 hour on-site. Your plan will cover any repairs that take a reasonable time for repair within 1 hour of arriving on site. If the repair is seen to be extensive, there will be a labour demurrage charge of £82.50+vat per hour & parts/ materials charge for drainage. For Plumbing our rates after the first hour on-site is £119.99 +vat. For Heating the rates are £94.94+vat. Electrician rates are £50.00 + vat per hour. 

❌ Please be assured our engineers try to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible but on occasions, due to the nature and extent of the problem, this may not be possible. 

❌ Boiler models: back boilers, Potterton Powermax, Britony, Chaffoteaux, Sime, Servowarm and Elm Le Blanc.

❌Repairs beyond economical repair (BER). If your boiler is beyond economical repair you may need a new boiler fitted.

❌ Repair pre-existing faults or faults that occur within the first 14 days of cover.

❌ Systems or appliances that haven't been installed, maintained and used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and or current regulations or best practice".

❌ User tasks which are detailed in your user guide, re-pressurising your system and or bleeding your radiators.

❌ Trace and access (work required to locate the problem) after the 1st hour. 

❌ Systems that are powered by anything other than natural gas. 

❌ Showers and shower pump installations. 

❌ Electrics - changing lightbulbs or any repair which can be conducted by yourself at home without a qualified electrician. 

❌ Upgrades or improvements to your system.

❌ Accidental damage - if you or someone working on your property causes a fault you should claim on your insurance. We will cover the work but we will expect payment for anything over the first 1 hour on-site which you can redeem back from your insurance provider. 


❌ Parts - any parts required to be replaced will need specialist parts and engineers. Included is the first-hour on-site per call-out but beyond this, there will be a demurrage charge and a free quote will be provided prior to the works being carried out. We will never start work without a signed acceptance of a quote first. 

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