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Whether it’s taking care of your plumbing and drainage, boiler, heating, electrics, painting & decorating or kitchen appliances, our qualified and experienced team are ready to be there 24/7 365 days a year.

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Landlord Home Emergency Cover

Save money on property maintenance

When things go wrong, we know how important it is to have the right landlord home emergency cover.

It can be stressful dealing with unexpected costs from tenants, although very likely if you rent out your property. 

That's why we offer comprehensive protection at exceptional value for money with our range of plans covering drainage and plumbing, gas boilers, heating systems (including central), electrical emergencies & add ons such as painting and decorating - all in one policy!

We work closely with our clients offering bespoke tailored quotes to suit each Landlord's need. We really care about our customers which is why we want to make sure you aren't wasting the property maintenance budget unnecessarily. 

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What our customers are saying:

Excellent customer satisfaction

✔Blockages, taps, toilets and drains

Plumbing pipes

✕ Gas boiler controls

Annual boiler service

Central heating system 

✕ Home electrics

✔ Annual boiler service

✔ Gas boiler controls

✕ Central heating system ​

✕ Plumbing pipes

✕ Home electrics

✕ blockages, Taps, toilets and drains

✕ Plumbing pipes

✔ Annual boiler service

✔ Gas boiler controls

Central heating system ​

✕ Plumbing pipes

✕ Home electrics

✕ blockages, Taps, toilets and drains

✕ Plumbing pipes

✔ Annual boiler service

✔ Gas boiler controls

✔ Central heating system ​ ✔ Plumbing pipes

✔ Home electrics

✕ blockages, Taps, toilets and drains


✔ Annual boiler service

✔ Gas boiler controls

✔ Central heating system ​

✔ Plumbing pipes

✔ Home electrics

✔ blockages, Taps, toilets and drains


Painting and Decorating

✔️We offer as an additional service to your plan quotations for painting and decorating services.

✔️Increase the value of your property and rental yield.

What's included in our home emergency cover?

We have a variety of comprehensive home cover plans to suit your needs and budget. Our team will work with you every step along the way so that we can provide an option for whatever is worth protecting in regards to the most vulnerable parts within any home structure. 

Plumbing, drains, taps and toilets

✔️leaking toilets

✔️syphons, valves and ballcocks

✔️blocked internal and external drains

✔️Burst water mains that you are responsible for

✔️ Repairs to leaks on the hot and cold water pipes inside your home between the stopcock and your taps or appliances

✔️ Blockages to sinks and toilets

✔️Leaks or blockages to your water supply pipe

✔️Dripping or seized taps

✔️Drains that have collapsed or been damaged by tree roots

✔️Blockages caused by non-flushable items such as fat, nappies, baby wipes, toilet fresheners or any other items that should not go down the drain

✔️Waste fittings that connect your internal waste pipe to your sanitary ware such as plug hole pop up waste and sanitary overflow fittings

✔️Rainwater guttering and downpipes, manholes and their lids, soakaways, cesspits, drainage pumps, macerators, septic tanks, treatment plants and their outflow pipes

Boilers and central heating 

✔️ Our trusted engineers will fix everything from boilers and control systems

✔️frozen pipes. You can rest easy with our plan.

✔️ Pumps, motorised valves

✔️radiator valves

✔️pipework and parts and fittings associated with hot water feed and expansion tank

✔️Gas leaks on copper gas pipes

Electrical repairs

✔️ Mains wiring and electricals

✔️Cicuit breakers

✔️ Light fittings

✔️Fuse board



✔️Appliances that connect to the main supply

Annual boiler service

✔️We will service your boiler and give you a landlord gas safety inspection- worth £108 (exc VAT)

✔️ This is included free in the Home Bronze and Home Gold

❌ Boiler models: back boilers, Potterton Powermax, Britony, Chaffoteaux, Sime, Servowarm and Elm Le Blanc.

❌Repairs beyond economical repair (BER). If your boiler is beyond economical repair you may need a new boiler fitted.

❌ Repair pre-existing faults or faults that occur within the first 28 days of cover.

❌ Systems or appliances that haven't been installed, maintained and used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and or current regulations or best practice".

❌ User tasks which are detailed in your user guide, re-pressurising your system and or bleeding your radiators.

❌ Systems that are powered by anything other than natural gas. 



Why Choose Landlord Cover?

We offer the best value on the market with our leading drainage, plumbing, boiler and electrics cover for your rental property.

Switch to us today for £40 cashback

You'll be saving money with Homeowner Cover. Switching to us could save you up to 40% on the renewal quote compared with other providers as well as £40 cash back,so what are you waiting for?

Receive your first month for free 

We believe in building long-standing relationships with our customers. What better way than to show our appreciation for choosing us.

Fixed price for 3 years

Your property is our priority. Our promise to you is that we will fix the price for 3 years. We do our best to make sure your bills aren't creeping up.

Free annual boiler service

With our boiler care plans you will receive a free annual boiler service worth £80.

Over 20 year of industry experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the property maintenance industry; drainage, plumbing, gas boilers and electrics, painting and decorating and cleaning. Our highly qualified engineers are ready to assist with any issue you may face.

Experts in drainage & plumbing and more!

Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers based nationwide across the UK have worked with some of the following brands:


What we are up to: 

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